Porto Seguro is located in Bahia. It is on the Atlantic coast and has a cosmopolitan culture. Whether you enjoy cultural experiences, nightlife or nature, this city has something to offer.

One of the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, the Discovery Coast Atlantic Forest Reserves is located here. It is comprised of eight protected areas spread over 430 square miles. This is the biggest and the best example of Atlantic forest in the northeastern part of Brazil and has some of the best biodiversity in the world; all types of fauna and flora varieties.Porto_Seguro_Bahia

The Porto Seguro Museum is in the council building and has exhibits that feature Brazil’s history and focus on colonial life and exploration. It also has many exhibits of the culture and history of the indigenous people that inhabited Brazil a long time ago and their descendants.

The Reserva Pataxo da Jaqueira is another must visit place if you want to learn more about their indigenous culture. Even though these weren’t the people who were living in Porto Seguro originally, they were an important part of the resistance against European colonization and were responsible for burning the city down in the 1600’s.

There’s a local capoeira school, Capoeira Sul da Bahia, which invites visitors to take a class. This is a Brazilian mixed martial art form which is quite popular among MMA fighters around the world. It mixes acrobatics, dance, martial arts, and music for an intense physical performance.

Lastly, the Island Aquarium or Ilha dos Aquarios has something for everyone. As you may expect, there are many marine life exhibits here and there’s even a museum which is dedicated to oceanic creatures. The island also has a nightclub and a number of bars and restaurants. It’s guaranteed to please you if you are looking for a fun night out of town.