The Brazilian coastline has been blessed with a number of beautiful islands, and some of them are famous all around the world. Here are three which will catch your fancy:

Ilhabela – SP

This is one of the largest islands in the country. It is also the most visited one. This may just be because it is so close to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, two major Brazilidownload (4)an cities. Ilhabela translates to “beautiful island” in Portuguese, and that is exactly what it is. It’s a paradise for travelers who love the outdoors. It is an ideal destination for water sports lovers too. There’s a UNESCO biosphere reserve, 35 km of beach, 400 waterfalls and various mountain peaks. There are also tons of underwater wrecks, legends of pirate treasure, great sailing opportunities, and more.

Ilha Grande – RJ

This island is situated just a few hours from Rio de Janeiro. It’s a true Brazilian wonder having more than 80 beaches. You will take a few days just to walk around the entire island. There are even some agencies which have this option. But it is a hard trek with little infrastructure to help. But that’s one of the main reasons the island is fun. Most of it is untouched nature. It’s a paradise for trekkers with waterfalls, rivers, beaches, and pretty much anything you can expect from nature.

Fernando de Noronha – PE

This is the most popular island in the country. The water here is crystal clear, the infrastructure is great and landscapes are beautiful. It’s the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a great beach experience. Everything on this island will amaze you. The only reason why it isn’t the most visited tourist hot spot is because of the conservation tax which you have to pay for each day you spend on the island.