The Brazilian New Year celebration is among the best New Year celebrations in the world. It is called Ano Nove in Portuguese but is popularly called Revillion by the locals.New_Years_Eve_2008-2009_-1

People from all across the world come to Brazil for this celebration. Party halls, clubs, beaches, pubs, and even the roads are full of people during this time.

The celebrations also represent the tradition and culture of the country. For example, there is a tradition to eat rice and lentils on New Year. This is supposed to bring you good fortune and prosperity for the year.

The fishermen in the city celebrate the festival with a lot of sincerity and devotion. They believe that what they catch on New Year will represent their catch for the whole year.

The best celebrations are in the most popular Brazilian city, Rio de Janeiro. The backdrop of the velvety summer sky is perfect for the spectacular fireworks on display.

Musical shows, dance performances, and concerts are highlights of these celebrations. Copacabana Beach is packed too.

Lastly, dinner is another great part of these celebrations. It includes a local dish called farofa, salads, chicken, rice, and marajuca mousse which is a tasty treat.

There are many parties and balls to attend on the beach. Hotels are open all night. One thing you should keep in mind is to dress in white or you’re going to stand out from everyone else.

Around 2 million people are expected to visit Copacabana beach and organizing transportation is very important. Remember, roads get blocked off at 6 pm on December 31st and do not open till 4 am on January 1st. If you want to use the metro, you will need to buy special tickets in advance. Also, be sure to find out which stations are going to remain open while buying your tickets.