The world is a wonderful place! Excited to explore it? Here is your guide to the most helpful blogs, which will make your trips much more interesting and safe! It can be a bit difficult to get oriented in a foreign county, even if you have a map and you’ve read about the must-visit places. But don’t worry , as this is going to make it easier for you to find secret gems and the most picturesque views of any country you are heading to. This 5 travel blogs are full of real insider tips, so take notes!

shutterstock_293482196Top 5 Travel Blogs

The Blonde Abroad is a very inspirational blog, It will make you want to book a plane ticket right away! I am Aileen is another lifestyle and travel blog, which gives you a good idea on hotels, shops and places to eat local cuisine. Nomadic Matt has a lot of tips and resources and provides a book club. View from The Wing focuses on trip reports and advice on airline credit cards, as well as sharing travel deals. And if you are interested in a travel lifestyle, visit The Two Monkeys Travel blog. And check out if you’re going to Canada.

Traveling made easy

It is fun to travel and explore new places. And there are so many resources, that help you find best locations, best offers, best hotels and restaurants. The top 5 blogs on the list include all the advice you need for happy, safe and unforgettable trips. Blogs include insider tips from traveling all over the world, and you will find it useful, when preparing for wherever you are planning to go – from Europe to Canada. Some of the blogs also have video content, which makes it even easier to get the clear idea of the journey you are about to go on!